Your health needs are as unique as you are.

Make your individual characteristics to give personalized dynamic feedback designed to optimize your health and fitness.

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Dynamic health and fitness scores are just the beginning

As a user, you can see your health story, keep your vitals in the recommended range, and optimize your health and well-being.

  • Monitoring. Get alerts when your health or fitness score goes out of desired parameters.
  • Insights. Learn what affects your health and fitness scores most and how to improve them.
  • Better decisions. See personalized recommendations for keeping your health optimized.
  • Communication. Get 2-side connection with your doctor or trainer for a quick consultation.

It’s never too late to check

Check your health score now and track changes as often as you want. Know what activities really have the most impact.

Dynamic health

We protect your personal data


  • Your information storage and sharing with a provider is powered by ledger system with 128-bit encryption
  • We provide multifactor authentication and validation process


  • We do not share your health data with unaffiliated third-parties
  • MyoStats is fully HIPAA and GDPR compliant